Making A Change

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Theresa Jenkins is passionate about helping young women and men who have been victims of sex trafficking. Her non-profit organization “Hauts Talo Rouges&quot” which help victims of sex trafficking and individuals in the LGBTQ community who want out of the adult entertainment industry. Her work in helping victims was founded in the Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia area. We help victims across the world to regain their lives and take back control of their daily living. This is the main goal. Being a victim of sex trafficking as a child and a former adult entertainer. She has faced the demons that come along with the adult industry, drugs, sex and money. She spent 15 years of her life between Atlanta and Miami experiencing the highs and lows of the industry. Drugs and prostitution is something no one wants to talk about! It’s real!  Our younger generations are glorifying this lifestyle and are major targets to be sex trafficked! She quoted in her new “A Diary From Hell”.


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